Natural NailsWe believe taking care of your nails is a chance to have a little spa moment. So at ZenZen hair salon, we offer hot stone manicures and pedicures with heated basalt stone. The hot stone treatment is an ancient ritual from the South Pacific that encourages relaxation, washes away tension in your hands and feet. A hot stone manicure is great for people suffering from arthritis and rheumatism.

At ZenZen organic hair salon in Aventura, FL, we use the entire system of high-quality natural, Zoya nail polish. This means your basecoat, nail polish and topcoat are all from the formaldehyde-free Zoya brand, ensuring your manicure stays intact longer. Known as the “healthy color of fashion” Zoya nail polish is toxin-free and available in various, trendy colors from nudes to pastels and bolds to metallics and textured colors.

Please note ZenZen organic hair salon doesn’t apply artificial nails, acrylics, gels or silks.

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