So what would you like? Beachy waves? A practical haircut you can style yourself? Vavavoom volume? Natural-looking highlights? Blowout? Check out Cindy’s process and haircare menu:


Hair consultation:

At Zen Zen organic hair salon in Aventura, we like to start your hair transformation with a series of questions that will help us determine your beauty personality. This is an important part of the process, since it helps create something ideal for you, because no two people are the same. Then, thanks to our look book, Cindy will give you her professional recommendation for the right color, hair care product and maintenance you’ll need in the future.


Haircut and style:

You might have the exact vision of what you want, but the benefit of collaborating with Cindy is that she’ll be able to advise you on whether or not a specific look will match your features and beauty personality. When getting a haircut, you have to think of your face’s shape, angles and features and even body proportions. That’s where Cindy comes in to help create the best haircut for your unique face.


Haircolor 911:

Oh my, you have what we call a hair emergency. Hair color gone very bad! At Zen Zen organic hair salon in Miami, we’re experts in hair color correction. The situation is assessed in order to create the best hair care plan to restore your hair without compromising its health. Healthy hair is a priority here, so the perfect color always comes with shine and softness.



Retexturizing or reducing texture services at Zen Zen hair salon, Cindy advises clients using ammonia-free retexturizer as well as an organic straightener based on amino acids and keratin. It’s formaldehyde-free, works differently than the traditional chemical treatment, still achieving amazing results.

Water Testing

Water Testing:

Good hair care starts with good water, since minerals can dull hair, weigh it down, even cause hair color to fade or become brassy. At Zen Zen Organic Hair Salon, we’ll test your water, determine the chlorine levels of it and recommend a proper way to detoxify it. A great follow up to this is our Wet/Stretch test, to determine your hair’s strength and flexibility.

In the end, the more we know about the health of your hair, the better the recommendations we can make when it comes to color, cut, texture and products.

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