Skin FitnessSkin Fitness is a local, professional line of skin care that works wonders on skin. It’s typically found only in exclusive day spas, top resorts, plastic surgeons’ offices and dermatologists. That’s why Zen Zen Organic Hair salon is proud to carry these natural skin treatments, green-friendly and scientifically-advanced corrective products. Skin Fitness products boast fruit pulps, vitamins, enzymes and more to transform and reshape your skin.

Skin Fitness products target both the epidermis and skin receptors at the cellular level, stimulating its natural ability to crave nutrients. Skin Fitness can treat rosacea, oily skin, acne scars, loss of elasticity, photo damage, hyper-pigmentation and good old deep lines and wrinkles.

Here are some of the Skin Fitness products you can find at Zen Zen Organic Hair Salon.

Multi Vitamin Serum with Dynalift

Multi Vitamin Serum with Dynalift:

This anti-oxidant and firming serum is highly-concentrated with stem cells and Dynalift, prepping skin for maximum regeneration, support and repair. It re-ignites the skin’s own stem cells to get new skin cell production. The Skin Fitness Multi Vitamin Serum with Dynalift slows down the aging process, boost skin’s resistance to oxidative stress, prevents age spots, inhibits collagen breakdown and prevents photo aging damages.

Insta-Lift Eye Cream

Insta-Lift Eye Cream:

Lift and firm the skin surrounding your eyes with Skin Fitness’ Insta-Lift Eye Cream. The advanced ingredients found in this powerful eye cream diminish deep lines and wrinkles, reduces puffiness, prevents moisture loss and lightens dark circle. For a more youthful look, apply Insta-Lift Eye Cream daily.

Pigment Lightener Gel

Pigment Lightener Gel:

This lightening skin therapy gel is formulated with advanced chiral technology to address skin discoloration and unevenness. It consists of potent lighteners, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, as well as tyrosinase inhibitors including Kojic Acid, Azelaic Acid and GABA. This complex mix of ingredients help prevent clogged pores, stimulate healthy circulation and increase cell renewal.

Cell-Tex Vitamin C Moisturizing Cream

Cell-Tex Vitamin C Moisturizing Cream:

This rich moisturizer has vitamin C and essential fatty acids that reduce the appearance of wrinkles, broken capillaries and pigmentation. Skin Fitness’ Cell-Tex also strengthens all connective tissue, promotes wound healing plus repairs sun damages and photo aging. For a dewy finish, a radiant complexion and younger-looking skin, Cell-Tex is it.

Vital C Serum with Ellagi-C

Vital C Serum with Ellagi-C:

Skin Fitness’ Vital C Serum with Ellagi-C (extract from the bark of an African tree ) is an advanced formula that provides maximum delivery of vitamin C into fibroblasts, stimulating collagen production and neutralizing free radicals to prevent oxidative stress. For brighter, tighter, youthful skin, try Vital C Serum with Ellagi-C.

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